Monday, December 9, 2013

Face Book

The Ohio Welsh are trying to move into new places. As of today we now have a Face Book and will be trying to keep you current with what is going on in the club and with  its members.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


This is the day to give thanks to the Lord.  The Dec meeting is Dec.1st at 2:00 at the grain bin. Remember that 2014 dues are to be paid by Jan of 2014 or you will no longer enjoy some of the benefits that you had with your 2013 membership. Come to the meeting or send them to Carolyn Owens. We are now talking bout the All breeds Carriage Driving Event for 2014.This Year there will be several  show that will count for our point system and the club is looking forward to get a horse related trip this year if possible. Have a great winter and get those ponies out, even if it is only for a walk in the woods.      ********** Hope everyone enjoys the Holidays **********

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All Breeds Carriage Driving Event

The ohio welsh club would like to thank all the people that show up at show this past week.We hope that everyone enjoyed the weekend . The past week has been trying at times, but we had good weather for our show.  We had some new people that came to the show for the 1st time and some that came to help others.The pinic was a sucess and the band that John got was great. As you know that we are working on the 2014 show and trying to keep this running. This seems to be the kind of show that people want in this area. But to keep this going our magic no. needs to be around 60 -70. I know that the people that are showing every year are out there promoting the show. We just can,t figure out why anybody that is local is not here.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All Breeds Carriage Driving Event

Ck out the site for the show bill.  the biggest change for 2013 is that we are having 2 cross country class and they are both different. and they are FREE to anyone that show up,enters the class.  What a deal.  There will also be a pinic Sat evening. All invited to come.This is something that has just came up and is new, So pass the word around. We would like to see everyone that has an animal to drive that might be a little shy in the ring , at least show up for this.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May meeting

May meeting will be held at Lake Farm park, Chardon ,Ohio on Sat. 6;00 p.m.  Hope you can make it to the meeting , also will have a drive later in the evening. If you have some spare time Sat. or Sun. come up and work the booth to promote the Welsh pony breed.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chartered bus tour

 ERROR---ERROR---ERROR    The cost for the bus tour to the Threasher mueum is  30.00 per person That includes you ticket in bus ride there and back and tip to the driver . Sorry for the mistake,

Friday, February 22, 2013

Chartered bus trip

As you can see owpa has chartered a bus to Frostburg, Maryland on April 13th 2013. This bus is going to take us from Alliance,Ohio to the Trasher Museum, where at that time we will be given a guided tour tour through the building that houses some 55 carriages of the collection of many there. the cost is 60.00 that includes your ride, pass to the museum, and the tip to the driver. We have a limit of 55 seats, so as Paul Hurd recieves you ck. he will put you on the list. Don't be left out. The collection of carriages are from a Sears to the finest Park Drags.   For more info contact Paul Hurd @ 330-876-3376

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Think spring

I know as of this moment most of us are saying. How long to spring.But as we all know that the fact is we are a lot better off in the good months if we have had to go through a little bit of suffering , of what we call cold weather and frozen ground for a period of time to kill off  bugs ,germs, and also the cold and rain help settle are pastures back to the new grouth. The good thing about this time of year is is to look back on last year , to figure what we did and what we would like to do this coming year. Now to the point I would like you to dwell on. The All Breeds Carriage Driving Evevt (For Good Horses In June.)  What a title  Goes along with what a show. If you have been here before you know this is a fun weekend and still fits in your budget.We have added a couple new ideas to change up the event and to extend the amount of fun you can have.If for some reason you have not made it to this event, This is your year to put your horse and yourself first. The event is June 29-30 at Portage Co. Fairgrounds in Randolph, Ohio. For more info go to and click on the show page or contact Paul Hurd @ 330-863-3376. Pleas bring a freind to share this moment with.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January posting

Jan. 4th I was notified that a life long member of the Ohio Welsh had  pasted away. Marge Noble passed away this past week. Marge has been involved with the Ohio club, Mahoning Valley Pony Breeders, and has been very active in Canfield Fairgrounds and also ohio state equine in Columbus .Marge will be missed, but at the same time will be remembered by all that have meet up with her in the pony world.We give all our blessings to the Noble family. Thank you Marge for all that you have done for the Ohio Welsh Pony Association and its members.