Sunday, November 6, 2011

Show meeting & Dec. Meeting

There will be a meeting on Nov. 13 2:00 for the show commitee to go over show plans. this will be held in the grain bin. At the Dec. meeting,there will be a motion to reside a motion made on a show date made at the Oct. meeting. All those that voted for that are being notified that afer the motion was made that several club workers may not be in town at that time , and that another date may work out better for the show.For this reason it would be better left to the show commitee to set the dates. New officers were voted in as follow:  Pres-- Lanson Stern    Vice Pres:--Rich Jagers  Sec.--Shelly Jagers  Treas.-- Jeff Grossenbacher  Directors 1yr. --Pat Richardson  3yr. Benard Owens   Good Luck to all the new officers to keep the Ohio Welsh Pony Association in good standings.