Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Web Site Updates

 There are several updates on the web, So ck.  each page out . For those that are not familiar with the photo page. Go to the photo you desire then click on it to enlarge, then move right or left to go foward or back. May meeting date has been changed to the 14th .  Also there are 2 new links on the link page , I think every one will enjoy them and may also find something to buy.These 2 links are done by a very special person that has kept are club web site up and running  (Kelli Swan). I know as we look outside, things don't always look the best, but this is the time of year to ck your ponies close as the ground is rough and slippery.It is also time to get those harness out ck over ,repaired and cleaned.If you have some new ideas or need help getting something started, Riding or driving , Don't be afraid to ask another member for some help.