Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb News

If you have any 4 by 6 photos of Carriage Driving that you don't want or the club can make a copy of them , please bring them to the next meeting, We are making a driving book that can be used at exhibites.The Carriage Driving Event is coming along great . As always we are  looking for sponsors, and people to hand out flyers, The dates are June 25-26, We will have show bill up on site in near future. The Ohio Welsh shows that are Aug 11,12,13,14,are also coming along at this time.We are also looking for the ohio shows to have a great turn out, due to the fact that the club has done everything possible for the exhibitors to spend no more money on stalls or gas to get to the shows, But still will recieve as many points as possible for 2 shows.